Upcoming Games Bengals VS Browns

With two of the best teams in the NFL going head to head, the Bengals VS Browns game has a chance to be one of the more exciting contests to follow throughout the entire season. Both teams have been on an incredible roll over the last few weeks, and it appears that they may be able to sustain this level of success. So, what will this contest be all about? Well, it’s about who is more impressive on the field. In other words, this will be an opportunity for either team to prove they are better than the other. If they both end up having a decent performance, then there is a good chance that these two teams will go into the playoffs as the top two seeds.

Now, there are a few different things that have been pointed out as being reason enough to make the argument that Cleveland is the superior team. One of those points that has been made over again is the fact that the Browns are the only team not to lose a home game. They also haven’t lost to anyone from the AFC South, while the Bengals are sitting right next door. On the other hand, the Bengals have actually taken care of business against all of the teams from the NFC South, including the Cowboys and Eagles. Also, the Bengals are the only team that hasn’t lost a game in regulation, which makes them one of the favorites to win this game. It would be a surprise if the Bengals won because the Browns are so dominant, but it would also be shocking if the Browns won because the Bengals aren’t that dominant.

So, which team is the better one? I think that the answer is both. The fact that the Bengals are sitting right in their playoff spot and haven’t lost in regulation is a great sign, while the fact that the Browns are out of it is a bit concerning. However, if you look at both teams objectively, you will find that the team that has more wins on the season is the one that is more deserving of a playoff spot. Hopefully, this will be the case, and the two teams will meet in the playoffs, with the winner getting the division title.

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